Friday, February 12, 2010

Rack for Pots & Pans

Not my pots & pans...the little one's. To go along with her play kitchen that I made her for Christmas, she got a set of play cookware. To go with all of that she is getting a huge lot of toy food for her birthday. While adding the drawer to the oven was a good idea, in hindsight I should have added two! So to help keep things under control I made a little rack for her pots & pans to hang from. 
A little cardboard, some paint, paper, peel & stick hooks (which I got from the dollar store) and a couple of binder clips and of course Mod Podge and voila! A place for her cookware.

Now if only I can get her to keep them up there for more than two minutes...


  1. That's really cute Ashley! I'm almost finished with my oven!

  2. How cute is that!?! What a great idea!!

  3. darling idea!
    i will be needing a kitchen REAL soon for my little pixie. cute idea.

  4. Cute idea!! I am right there with you on trying to keep their kitchen area clean for more then 2 minutes! Great idea!!