Saturday, October 29, 2011

Animal Ears Headbands

You can now get the templates for these animals here and if you would rather purchase them already made you can do so here (with a few new additions)!

So a couple of weeks ago I showed you the wedding dress-up that I made for my niece for Christmas. Her little sister is not so much into dressing least not with the fancy dresses. She usually plays the part of the kitty cat or the butterfly. So I decided to add to her dress up wardrobe with these animal headbands.
From left to right and top to bottom: bunny, giraffe, bee, fox, monkey, jaguar, pig, mouse, lion, cow, sheep & elephant. Some of the ears might seem really low on the headband (monkey, pig & elephant), but once they are on a head the placement makes more sense and looks really cute.
Here are the backs of some of them.
Cow -
 Jaguar -
 Fox -

Some of the ears are one piece that wraps around the headband, like the pig.
On some of them the front and the back are two separate pieces that overlap on the underside of the headband, like the monkey. See that line down the middle?
 Some are just glued to the tops of the headbands, like the jaguar.
Most of them have pipe cleaners in the middle so that the ears can bend and to help with stability.
And what's a post about animal headbands without a little model action? The pig is one of my favorites (Madie's too). I'll definitely be making a second pig headband so that one can stay at our house.

You can now get the templates for these animals here and if you would rather purchase them already made you can do so here (with a few new additions)!


  1. So cute and clever! I love them!

  2. If you could email me the sheep ear template I would really appreciate it! Thanks, so cute! We are using them for our Christmas program at church!

  3. can u send me all the template at plssss kind of urgent

    thank you

  4. You are so creative!! I really love these headbands.

    I have to make animal ear headbands for all the kids at a chorus performance at my daughter's school.

    I want to get plain plastice headbands sized about 1/4". Will I have a problem gluing the ears on if it's not covered with material first?

    I would love and appreciate if you would email me all the templates.

    Have a great day :)

  5. will you please send me the templates while you're at it? :) Thanks so much!


  6. Your designs are awesome!
    Thanks for putting up the templates. Just wondering if you could please put up the giraffe again - it's not there when I click on it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  7. Hi! My daughter's musical theater class is doing a Lion King production in a couple of months! Wondering if I you can email me te template for the elephant ears. It's perfect!! Thanks! -Stephanie

  8. Hi
    I'm planning my son's 1st bday party and I thought I could do something like this instead of having the original party hat, and it could also serve as a favor for the kids to take home! please email me at -

    Thank you,

  9. Hi cud u possibly send me the sheep template?im heading to a hen weekrnd-bride is bo peep and we r her sheep!these would b perfect!!!email address is

  10. Do you have a chipmunk template? If so could you send it to me at please? Thanks