Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boy's T-shirt into Girl's T-shirt

I wanted to make a cute shirt to match this skirt that I made for the little one. Well...I waited too long to get the clearance shirt I wanted from Target! I was totally bummed, but then I saw this shirt in the little boy's section.
It was boring (this is after I had taken the front pocket off) and looked like a shirt for a boy, but for $1.25 I was willing to try my hand at making it look like it was meant for a girl.
Here is what I came  up with:
Not too shabby! Here it is with the skirt:
And a little modeling session, for you:

I do actually do her hair *most days* but this was first thing this morning and I was too excited to see how it looked on her to waist time with pony tails.

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  1. Super cute! Love both the shirt and skirt. I am featuring this at