Monday, February 22, 2010

Another T-shirt Refashion

I actually used two shirts of mine for this one. I followed the same basic instructions that I used for this skirt, just using more layers! I super love the buttons...I wish I had had more!
The tutorial says to sew the ruffles onto the lining while it is still a flat rectangle, but I didn't really like the way the seams of the ruffles looked on the gray skirt so for this one I tried something different. I stitched the lining together to form a tube and did the same with the ruffles before sewing them to the lining. It was a little more difficult to attach the ruffles (just making sure I didn't accidentally sew over a ruffle that was already attached) but not too hard and I am much more pleased with the results.
I hope that made sense...clearly you can see that I'm so up to date with my sewing terminology *not*!

Let me tell you now that there will be plenty more t-shirts turned ruffle skirts in the future! Especially with Spring drawing near.


Keeping It Simple


  1. Oh, what a darling little skirt!

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  2. Adorable!! My little girl would love one of these!!

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