Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cardboard Box Oven...FINALLY!

So I know that I promised pictures of this several days ago...but it was a holiday week, cut me some slack. No more waiting, here it is! Drum roll please....

*Please disregard the kitty in the oven. We got her some pots and pans today so hopefully no more "exotic" foods :)*
LOVE IT!!!! Not just me, the little one loves it too! Would you like a few close ups of the awesomeness that is my creation (I know, I can't take full credit for it...but mine is cooler!).
Notice how the handle for the door sticks out??? That is a hanger that I manged to wiggle through two holes. What good is a handle if you can't hang a towel from it?! I didn't think I had enough paint and wanted an easy solution I wanted to add some variety with cute scrapbook paper, so I Mod Podged some to the sides...and drawer...and top where the knobs go 

Before bedtime, she managed to pull the "burners" off (nice work hot're fired). So I plan on painting silver circles where they would go and then adding the black spirals for the burner. Try ripping that off, missy!

More Mod Podge to create "contact paper"

Since I've never seen an oven with a brown inside, I painted hers silver.

Like the cooling oven rack. This is where I spent a whole $1 for the entire thing. Everything else I already had on hand.

Oh, and the knobs turn.


  1. Are you serious?? This is SO CUTE - Can I please repost it??

  2. OK I'm going to title this post. . . . Ashley Awesomeness!!! Too cute and once again you have proved your crafy prowness!

  3. Dear Mod Podge Amy -
    I'm not sure if you saw my email, but I would be honored if you reposted my project on your site!

  4. This is so cute! I came over from Mod Podge Rocks...and I have to say, you making me want a little girl so I can try this:)

  5. That oven is rippin' cool! You should get it published in a crafts magazine and get paid for it. Love it, love it! When my niece Jen was little, my father made her a "Jenny's Jiffy Mart" from an appliance carton. She could stand up in it and everything. She would drag a cooler of Cokes out to the patio and charge us full price for a cool one. Good times for not a lot of money...

  6. I saw your oven on Mod Podge Rocks. The oven is so cute and so creative of you. I wish my daughters were little again so I would have someone to make it for. You must have loved making it for your daughter.

  7. Wow! I truly love mod podge you can do so many things with it! great Job with the oven!! my little girl also love it!!! Great blog too!

  8. That is seriously BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I came over from Mod Podge Rocks and can't wait to snoop around and see what else you've got going on!

  9. Great job Ashley. I am glad you are my granddaughters mother. You are the best!

  10. That is so dang cute I love that it only cost you $1 those are the best projects! I would love if you linked to my crafty link up party!

  11. That is really a lot of work! That's awesome! I thought I was already following you, but I guess I have to sign up again. So, I'm your newest follower, again. Please stop by for a visit.