Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art Table

I got this table from Ikea for the little one for Christmas this year.
L√ĄTT Children's table and 2 chairs
I had seen a similar one at a friend's house and thought it would be perfect. It is just the right size for her and the table top and chair seats are dry erase board! But it was ugly boring, so I spray painted it. This was my first experience with spray paint and I wasn't that impressed. It felt like it took forever. Sand, paint, dry, sand again, paint get the picture. Maybe I should have used a primer or maybe it was the cheap Ikea wood but the paint didn't want to stick in some places. I even ended up using acrylic paint with a coat of Mod Podge over it in a few places. Oh well, it turned out cute. 

Close up of butterfly detail on chairs.


  1. Oh I like this too! How fun! Does Maddie love to play at it? Do you keep it in her room or out in the main living area?

  2. I love this!!! The butterfly detailing is precious!
    Happy New Year!!