Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Elephant Gifts

Last year at one of the white elephant exchanges we attended, we ended up with these ugly ties.

My older sister and I came up with an idea to make them even better! What did I do to them? Made them 3D!
Yep, those are golf tees and pompoms glued to the ties. :)

My family has an obsession with Tab soda. We (my family) often include cans of Tab in with gifts we give each other, as a gag gift. Recently, some members of the family have started making Tab creations. For example, my older sister made a pound cake that she covered with a Tab flavored glaze. Zach came up with this idea for our white elephant exchange this year.

 It is a Tab cooler (with original Tab soda can on top, to give you an idea of how large it is). He took sheets of styrofoam and cut them into circles (about 10" in diameter) and glued them together with a hole in the middle to store the Tab. I had the privilege of painting this giant styrofoam creation to look like a can of Tab. We were quite pleased with how it turned out and the family really seemed to enjoy it.


  1. Oh my, I remember Tab from my youth. It was the first diet drink I ever tried, and it was very hard to swallow!

  2. I really like the cooler idea. I think it can be used to make any kind of fun cooler. Thanks. This would be a great idea for a project in the magazine. Can you email me the full project instructions on this? And maybe other cooler shaped ideas? Thanks