Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shoe Revamp

Inspired by this post from Make It & Love It, I decided to Mod Podge my shoes! That's right, I took this pair of shoes (that I got on sale at Target for under $5!)...

(I know there is only one shoe in this pic, but I had already started on the other shoe before I thought to take the picture.)

...and turned them into this!

I like them. I'm not sure I LOVE them...but I definitely like them. I think I would love them if the Mod Podge hadn't darkened my fabric quite so much. They were supposed to be a nice milk chocolate brown but once I put the Mod Podge on, they turned more of a brownish-black. Oh well! Also, I think if I were to ever do this again I would use more of a cottony fabric instead of a satin-ish one. But it still gets the thumbs up!

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