Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of the office...

Well, not actually but I'll be taking a self-inflicted break from crafts and blogging for an undetermined amount of time. Although I do have a post already scheduled to go up tomorrow and one on Wednesday but after that I don't know when I'll be back up and running.


I found a pair of ballet flats at Target today on sale for under $5...but they are a plum-ish color and while I like the color I don't have a whole lot that I could wear with them. So I thought I would just Mod Podge some brown fabric to them. Love the idea...except I don't have any brown fabric. And then I came across a tutorial on a ruffled bed skirt that I liked and I've been meaning to make me a new one of those since June. I realized that if I did that I could use the brown fabric from my current bed skirt to recover my shoes. Perfect! Now I don't have to go buy fabric. So I got to work cutting the sheet fabric into strips for the new skirt. I did my math so that I knew how much I needed to cut to get a good ruffle. Well by the time I had enough for that there was only one more strip of fabric so I figured I would just cut that up and I would have a fuller ruffle. Why not? Three quarters of the way through cutting the strip I feel this stinging sensation and yell to Zach "I NEED A BANDAID!!!" pause "NO, A WET WASHCLOTH!" Yep, I sliced off part of my finger with the rotary cutter. I guess it was hanging over the edge of the ruler I was using as my guide. I got it probably about 1/8" deep and from about the knuckle to almost the edge of the nail. If you are confused about this (my mom said she kept trying to figure out all the way home from work how I had cut my finger with the rotary cutter) I'll probably post a pic in a few days on my family blog. And since I am tired of having to look at the keyboard to type since I can't use my left index finger I'll leave it at that.

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

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