Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double Duty Calendar

I'm a list maker. There is just something so satisfying about crossing things off of a list. I like to have a list of the projects I want to accomplish. Last year I just wrote on my mirror (with dry erase of my favorite places to make lists) what I wanted to get done each night for that week. This worked great at first...but then I got behind and it was screwing up my lists. In case you're not a list person (and if you are, you totally understand) this is unacceptable. So I decided to do things differently this year. I procrastinated purposely waited until half way through January to buy a new calendar. This actually worked out quite well because I got a $10 calendar for $1! Yay for Michaels. It is actually a scrapbook calendar (meant for kids, but who's still cute) with places for journaling and pictures.

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I just write down (in one of the places for photos since it can be covered later) what I want to accomplish in terms of crafts for the month and then I can cross it off when it's done. Why is it double duty? At the end of the year I plan to cut it apart and then I'll have 12 new scrapbook pages already laid out just waiting for pictures and journaling. FOR ONE DOLLAR!!!

Yes it was just luck this year, but I LOVE it and plan to do this in years to come.

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