Friday, January 29, 2010

Framed Hearts

I have these pink plastic things that I think are supposed to be like rocks. There were used as filler in a vase full of sock flowers from my baby shower. They mostly just sit in their little plastic baggy...that is, unless, my little one finds them. She thinks they are super fun to dump all over the floor. I decided to do something with them (I'm trying really hard to use up things that I have so that my craft corner stays just that - a corner!). Here is what I whipped up last night, I think it turned out super cute.
I took a frame from the dollar store & painted it white, cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit, glued the rocks into hearts shapes and then embellished the side of the frame a little.My hearts aren't perfect but that's because I was too lazy to print out heart shapes and just eyeballed it.

Check back after Valentine's for a fun St. Patrick's Day craft using the glass from out of the frame. I'm super excited for that one!



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  2. Ashley,
    You know me, I love anything framed! So of course, I LOVE this!! Very cute! Can't wait to see your St. Patty's day version :)
    happy crafting,