Friday, March 5, 2010

The Mop-Up Round-Up: Week 1

Well, this was definitely the motivation I needed to get things done! I was very productive this week (although I'm not going to share everything I accomplished just yet...we're starting potty training soon, so I probably won't get much done that week but still want to have something to share with you all).

Mop-Up #1 - Bow Wreath
I LOVE ribbon wreaths and especially love the look of this one. Although I think it still needs something...I'm just not sure what. I know that it is no where near Christmas, but this ribbon was taken off of Christmas packages (I just can't bring myself to throw it away) and seeing it in the box on my floor, well, I just couldn't resist.

Mop-Up #2 - Bloomers Turned Skirt
I love the paisley fabric, but the shape of these bloomers was not made for my child. So, I whacked off the bottom (which was only about 1/2" in the longest part) and added some ruffled eyelet fabric along with a little eyelet flower and now it is a cutie skirt!
*please excuse the poor "before" picture...this was actually taken after I had sewn the eyelet ruffle along the bottom, but hopefully you get the picture of how they looked*

Mop-Up #3 & #4 - Shirt Turned Skirt
Yes, I have a thing right now for making skirts for my little girl. I'll have done 5 by the time the Mop-Up is over! These were hand-me-downs from my sister's neighbor. I always liked the pattern of the fabric, but I didn't love they way they looked on her. So after being inspired by Disney (specifically this post) I decided that those shirts were about to meet the sewing machine.

Now it's your turn! Link up some of the projects you finished this week! I can't wait to see them and next week I plan on showing off some of your accomplishments as well.

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  1. Yes...I'm from Mesa, AZ:) Saw your comment on my clock blog.

    Your blog is adorable & I think I'm going to participate in your March Mop up, SO FUN!!!