Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clover Candles

I saw these candles on the Martha Stewart website that had blades of grass glued to them. I like the look but came up with an idea that I like even better. I glued clovers to my candles instead of grass...and I love them! They make me smile every time I walk by them. I just used a glue stick (like Martha suggests) to attach the clovers and then put a coat of Mod Podge over them for protection (I have no idea if they are safe to burn, you'd have to ask Amy, but I have no intention of burning them anyway). I also tried using Mod Podge in place of the glue stick, but it wasn't any easier and a little bit I would stick with the glue stick.

1 comment:

  1. SO cute! I would recommend them for decorative purposes only - you could burn them but DO NOT leave unattended! What an awesome job Ashley!