Friday, March 19, 2010

The Mop-Up Round-Up: Week 3

Three weeks down, one to go! I am doing great getting things accomplished. But before I show off the fruits of my labor, I thought I would show off some of yours. There haven't been very many projects linked up...and by that I mean 4. Yep, only 4 so I'll show them all to you! Ready? Here we go!
Shannon over at Quarry Orchard recycled an old *kind of creepy* piece of art from this:

To this:

She also made some lovely sisal covered styrofoam balls.

Next up is Summer from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and she shared a tutorial for an easy baby book:

as well as an ingenious storage solution. Yep, those are gift boxes covered in fabric.

Now for what I've been working on this week.
Projects #1 & 2 - Red Corduroy Skirts
I actually made the skirts before Christmas but just got around to adding the super cute flowers (as well as the hook & eye on mine).

Project #3 - Paper Holder
Remember this post? Of course you don't (that was FOREVER ago!). Anyway, I finally got around to finishing the one I started...also before Christmas. Notice a theme for this week? :)

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