Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Domesticated Skirt

As soon as I saw this skirt

*The Domesticated Skirt* 

over at Sew A Straight Line I knew I had to try my hand at it. Well it just so happened that my mom wanted to go to Joann that same morning, so off we went in search of three unsuspecting fabrics. I am very pleased with the final outcome.
And I happened to have enough left over for this:
What can I say? I like when we match. :)

I've got a few ideas to tweak it a little bit to help the inside wrapped part stay inside. I'll give an update if I find a solution that I like.

I also have a few projects in mind for some of the scraps, but it might be a while before I get to them.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! The fabric is perfect for it. And I so love the mini version! Cute cute cute!

    I'm doing a post right now and will be showing off your handy work (hope that's okay!)

  2. That skirt turned out so cute!

  3. I have the instructions but I'm a novice seamstress and I was wondering how are the two pieces sewn together so that when you wrap it around it looks like the photo? Sorry for the silly questions but I'm clueless. Alana F

  4. Hey Alana, sorry for the delay in wasn't working properly. You just put the right sides of the fabric together like you would for any skirt and sew up the side seams and then for the top you'll want to mark where you need to stop the stiching. Stand in the fabric (think of it like you are standing in a pillow case but with the end opposite where you put the pillow in cut off) and pinch around the widest part of your hips on both sides, mark this point. Then sew from the outside in to each spot you marked and stop, repeat on other side.
    I hope this made sense and that it wasn't too little too late! If you still need some help with it I can do a photo/video answer on my blog for you.