Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soda Can Picture Frame

I bought a cheapy cheap unfinished wood frame for $1 at Michaels and after seeing this mirror decided my picture frame could do the trick. And in the spirit of Tab-ing, I of course used a can of Tab.I just cut the top and bottom off of a soda can and the cut a slit up the side so that I had a rectangle of aluminum. Then I cut that into *roughly* 3/4 inch squares. I felt no need for perfection in this area of the project. Hot pink acrylic paint & a little (or a lot) of hot glue later and I had a masterpiece.
But it didn't seem right to give an empty picture frame to my cousin who just so happens to be a new dad. So after the suggestion by my little sister, we printed a picture of his son to go in it...
After we photoshopped him snuggling a can of Tab, of course!
Everyone loved it!

Thanks sister for the photo idea. Thanks husband for your awesome photoshop skills!


  1. This is a great idea...thanks for sharing it!

    Hope you have been well!! After a blogging break burlap+blue is back!! Would love it if you came back and refollowed! I have a new google account, so I am refollowing you as well:)
    Hope all is well, hon! xo

  2. That's too cute! Thanks for the tips on the shelves, that sounds like a very smart idea! :)