Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soda Can Bow Holder

For my aunt's birthday I made her some bows that she had asked me for. Given our tradition of Tab-ing people I decided at the last minute that I needed to some how *creatively* include a can of Tab in with her gift. So I turned a Tab into a bow holder! All I did was hot glue some ribbon around the outside of the soda can...
and clipped the bows to it. It doesn't hold very many bows, so it's not very practical, but I wasn't going for practicality. It made her laugh and that was the point!


  1. How did I completely miss that one? Which aunt? When was this?

  2. Aunt Susie and you weren't there that week. She was in town the week after we did all of the other Feb birthdays. It wasn't a big thing.