Friday, April 9, 2010

I Need Baby Shower Ideas

I'm throwing a baby shower for a friend of mine at the beginning of May. I've never hosted a baby shower before so my list of ideas is quite small. I would love your input on fun games, delicious desserts and/or cheap decorations. Other than the invitations and a few of the food items I don't have anything!!! Oh, and not sure that it makes much of a difference but she is having a girl.


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  1. Your blog is amazing, you have some incredible projects!!

    As for the baby shower...there is a fun game we played once with candybars ---I made a game board & we played "Memory" ---so each person took a turn to try and make 2 matches. They were all "Baby" terms. For example---a match would be "Pacifier & Pacifier" & then whoever finds that match got a RING POP. Or "Ambilical Cord & Ambilical Cord" & that person got a Licorice Rope...and so on. I just thought of fun baby terms that went with different CANDY to hand out. I got a lot of compliments on how fun it was!

    A classic "Guess how big her tummy is" & then measure at the end & closest guess wins a prize.

    Good luck! You will have to share pics of the day, as I'm sure the decor will be darling!