Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final Mop Up & Plans for April

I didn't do a Mop-Up round up last Friday because I had planned on doing it yesterday. Well I'm a day late. But I'm happy to say that I got through 10 of the 11 projects that I had wanted to finish in March. And somehow, I don't feel relieved. Maybe it has something to do with the handful of projects I started in March and have yet to finish...haha. I guess I can't help but have at least half a dozen projects going at once!

So what was the final Mop-Up project for me? Finishing my mom's Christmas present. For Christmas I decided to put all of her old pictures in albums (that my little sister bought). So I sneakily took stacks of photos out of the box under her dresser and organized them before placing them in albums...20+ years of photos in a box this size.

I underestimated how much could fit into a box that size and ran out of albums. Ten photo albums, each with a capacity to hold 100 photos, and I needed at least three of four more. I gave her what I had finished on Christmas and told her I would finish the rest at a later date. So I spent the last few days putting away the rest of the photos. And while I realize that the pictures probably won't be viewed very often (if ever) it is nice to know that they are organized and easily accessible instead of shoved into a box in a giant mess.

Have you checked out Dollar Store Crafts lately? You should check out the April Stash Bust. I'm way excited for this. I really need to work on using supplies I already have, since my craft corner is kind of bustin' at the seams! And to go along with it there is a Stash Swap! You send something out of your stash that you have an overabundance of to another swap member and someone else will do that same to you. I've been wanting to do something like this for months, so I'm very excited!!!

So what's on my stash-busting list? Aprons using a bag of old jeans I got from my SIL and hopefully I can put a dent in my pile of things that need to be scrapbooked.

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  1. Umm, hello, what am I, chopped liver? Feel free to donate to this one! If Justin does get the job in north phoenix, I'll definitely want some things to craft!