Sunday, March 6, 2011

Felt Shamrock Garland

We have this mantel in our family room that most of the year houses a clock and a few knick-knacks. Last October I decided to make a felt garland with some ghosts and pumpkins (which I apparently never blogged about), and then came Christmas time so that mantel got some more garland love. Well since Christmas decor came down the mantel has been kind of bare. So that is where all of my Valentine's decor went and now my St. Patrick's day decor. I decided that it was time for another garland and the Felt Shamrock Garland was born.
This was super simple to make. I picked up 4 different shades of green felt from the craft store and cut shamrocks of three different sizes. I used the largest as the base and then hot glued either a small or a medium shamrock on top of the large one. I didn't place them right in the middle, they are all off to the side at an angle and each one is different. Then I added glitter (because apparently I glitter everything these days, well actually I saw the glitter felt at the store but was NOT about to pay 4 times more just to have it sparkly). To do that I simply drew along the edges of one clover leaf at a time in hot glue and then put the glitter on it. Make sure if you are going to use hot glue that you let the glue set for a minute or two before you shake off the excess glitter. My shamrocks are hot glued to some twine with a green pom pom in between each one.
How about a little close up of one of the shamrocks.
I love makes me happy!

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