Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Egg decor - part 2

You've met the Egg meet her sister, the Egg Topiary!
I LOVE IT!!! I've never seen a topiary quite like this. The eggs are made of styrofoam and were intended to be used as ornaments. I got them at the Dollar Tree *last year* and they don't have them this year, but they have something similar. I think the mini glitter egg picks would work just fine.


All I did was rip out the piece of ribbon that was the hanger and then cut the eggs in half with a serrated knife. Then I glued them to a foam ball and glued some Easter grass in the gaps and plopped it in a painted pot.

*moment of truth* It actually sat like this for a few weeks and Madie carried it around like it was a princess wand. And the back half of the ball still looks like this (I got sick of working with the grass).
 It's colorful, it's glittery and it goes well with my wreath. Smile.

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  1. I love it! So simple and pretty! I would have never thought to cut the eggs in half, thanks for the tip!