Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bath toys holder

I had to throw out the holder for Madie's bath toys this week...it had seen better days. I didn't want to spend $15 or $20 on a new one, especially if it is only going to last for about a year like the last one. While at the dollar store this week I came across these mesh laundry bags. They come 2 in a bag and are 12" by 15". They are intended to go through the wash, so I thought they would be the perfect candidate for bath toys.
Perfect! Now all I needed was something to hang the bag up, like these!

Image from dollartree.com

And since getting my Silhouette, I've become a bit obsessed with using it, so the bag got a little paint job. The "O" in "toys" is a little ducky.
Here it is in action!
I love it, Madie loves it (she loves anything with a zipper) and it's hard to beat $2. Plus, there is another bag so when this one bites the dust, I'll already have another one! Oh, and the suctions cups didn't want to suction to the tile in my bathroom, so I hot glued them up.