Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Polka Dot Pleated Sundress

A few weeks ago my little sister was getting rid of some old clothing and other random things, so I asked if I could look through her stash before she dropped it off at goodwill. I scored several shirts, a few skirts and a comforter. I have no need for a twin sized comforter, but I loved the fabric so I deconstructed it. I wanted to make either a skirt or a dress for Madie and as soon as I saw this tutorial for a pleated sundress on Crafterhours yesterday I got straight to work!
I did mine a little differently. I didn't do the growth pleat hem, instead I cut my lining fabric about 2 inches longer than the top fabric (since the polka dot fabric was a little bit see through it needed lined). I also added two bows to the middle of the bodice.
This was my first attempt at shirring something and it was WAY easier than I expected!

I LOVE IT! I'm pretty convinced that I need to try and make a matching one for myself.

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  1. wow! Gorgeous! I wouldn't even recognize it from the original - I love your version so much!