Friday, April 20, 2012

Applique onesies

I did something crafty! Yay!!! I needed that...I was starting to go a little crazy. Pinterest wasn't helping was making my desire to craft even worse!
My mom picked up some onesies for me the other day and I got straight to work. I used fusible web to adhere the fabric and felt and then hand stitched them for added strength and cuteness. I'm expecting some fabric in the mail today, so expect more craftiness. :)
Both of these are Pinterest inspired. You can find them both (along with lots of other ideas I plan to knock-off at some point) on this board of mine.

And please forgive the picture quality...I'm blogging from my phone.


  1. Very cute, but they are much cuter in person.

  2. Those both turned out super cute, but I especially love the turkey tie! It's just too adorable.