Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tons of crafts coming soon!

First, let me just brag and say that I've been featured on another blog!!! I was kind of surprised at how excited I got about it. Check out the link over to the right :)

Now on to the original reason for this post...I have lots of cute crafts that I've made recently that I am dying to post...but I can't. Why??? Because they are Christmas gifts for people who might stumble across this blog of mine (since I know they read my other blog). So for now you'll have to survive on pics of last year's projects:

Personalized bookends for the sister that loves to read (had I known that she would get married 5 months later I wouldn't have matched them to her bedroom!)

Picture frame wreath

FAMILY picture wall hanging (yep...I stole this idea from Joann.com)

And the ever popular and super easy personalized comp-book-turned-journal. There will be another of these this year for a different family member and I super love how it turned out!

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  1. The bookends still work though, because my house colors are very similar to what my bedroom was, the only thing is that my house doesn't really have green, but the blues and browns still match great! :)